The Reaver is a Tyrant developed for missions in the sea, collecting objects and killing anyone that stood in its way. This Tyrant resembles a human figure with a mutation on its head and legs although its body and arms are still human. This Tyrant model was stopped by a Raccoon City survivor called Adam Greenham. After a long fight in which the Reaver impaled Adam in the arm, Greenham finally destroyed the Tyrant with a Grenade Launcher. But the legs of the tyrant were still conscious moving about freely on the ground. The Reavers legs then went through a mutation that turned it into a B.O.W that resembled a Licker. Adam Greenham then called for help from his commando team, but the Tyrant infected Adam (by biting him) and made Greenham fall to the floor in pain the Reaver then took off and was captured by an ex-Umbrella researcher. The Reaver was then disposed off from another tyrant model called EVA.

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