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Razor is the name of former Umbrella Corporation scientist Roderick Lazarus' personal bodyguard. Almost nothing is known about Razor; not even its gender is known, or if it is indeed human. Anything that is known about Razor, Lazarus keeps close to his chest. Razor is constantly wearing some form of armour all over its body, whilst wearing a trench-coat over that. Even it's face is covered in armour, thus making it impossible to determine its gender, age or species. Razor is incredibly silent, with an impressive arsenal of weaponry under it's coat. Razor is an accomplished fighter. Razor has been protecting Lazarus effectivley since his mysterious arrival at Lazarus' side, shortly after his defection from Umbrella. Infomation on Razor is scarce, with no infomation on it's background, or how it came to be a part of Lazarus' operation.

Resident Evil: Fall Of Lazarus

Razor will make its first game appearance in the colloboratively created fanon game Resident Evil: Fall of Lazarus.


  • Razor is inspirered by, and based upon, the character of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, a character in the movie HellBoy.
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