What the hell is Rain?

I wish I knew. I never heard of it before this. Evidently it's fairly powerful... Wait here's somemthing. Rain is a parastic organism discovered in 2013 at Site 7.

Site 7? Isn't that our generation's Roswell?

That's what the crazies call it. Maybe there is some truth to the stories.

Jason and Jennifer looking through files on X-Rain


Rain is an Easter Egg of sorts that is a reference to something of my own development. A parastic organism brought to Earth by an alien space ship that crashed, Rain was experimented on by Genetic Technologies' scientists who discovered that this organism had frightening capabilities, mainly the ability to take over the flesh of multiple organisms and have all think and act as one. Also capable of unprecidented evolution and dispersal of thousasnds of spores in a minute, Rain can rapidly take over hosts, converting them into something else.

In the series known as Desolation, this lead to Armageddon when the United States destroyed many major cities with Neutron Bombs to halt its advance. This had mixed results as the Northeast is largely spared but the South and Midwest was nearly completely taken over. It is unknown how global Rain went but there were reports comming in from England, Germany, China and Russia among others of similar pandemics faced by the United States that preceded the outbreak so it is assumed that other contries are completely taken over.

Rain however has little to do with Resident Evil except X-Rain which was designed to emulate it. In these regards X-Rain is a dismal failure, primarily due to the use of Zeus Cells, something that can't replicate within another host effectively.

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