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The Poseidon
Created 2008
Created By Tri-Cell
Creation T-002 with Crab DNA added
Based Human, Crab
Height/Length 8 feet
Purpose Experimental
Status Disposed of

CrT-002 PoseidonEdit

CrT-002, or Poseidon as it was called by it's handlers, was an experimetnal Tyrant being held in Emerald City for, as it would seem, experiments. It has the ability to reproduce, much like G. Since it is Tyrant based, the T-virus is the main agent in it's body, but a different, unknown virus was added as a bonding agent. It currently shows no signs of being able to mutate, but the only person to really encounter it was rogue 3 Prongs Agent Percy Jackson, who ran from the beast. Nick Garsavoni has said that he's seen it, but he would not give any information during interrogations before escaping..

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