The Plague is a B.O.W created by Exodus for use as his guards. They are though to be hhighly intelligent Hunters cloaked in metal armor. The only thing visible threw there armor are two red eyes. They also have three fingers poking out of holes in there gloves which are massive and extremely sharp. There is one version called a Tank Plague due to its much larger appearance, more armor and the middle finger on its right arm is spiked and posses a much larger talon. There are only three plagues that were ever reported. One is sent out at the beginning of the game by Exodus to kill Kevin, the other is sent after Kevin once the Plant R is destroyed, and the last is fought as a mini boss in front of the door leading to the heliport (This one is the Tank Plague). When a Plague spots its prey it will let out a howling roar where then it goes to gouge a hole in the players chest. They appear to resemble apes/reptiles in that they are hunched backed and have massive claws obviously by mutation.


  • This creature was acctually based upon Wolverine from the X-men series due to its large metallic claws.
  • The way these creatures were portrayed resembles a Knight guarding a castle such as, armor to where only eyes are seen, metallic blades like a sword.
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