Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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The Creature's image, max 250px
Created 1968
Created By unknowen but was acident
Creation a woman acidently spilled something on to a woman which made it more powerful
Based unknowen
Height/Length unknowen
Purpose acident
Status is extinct by racoon destruction

resident evil 2Edit

In resident evil 2,In claires section the monster started chasing after her.Claire was nearly killed by it and hid in a closet as the monster looked for her.She managed to escape the monster.The monster was then meat by Leon who tricked it by falling into acid.When he left the room its hand rose up.

resident evil 3 and death Edit

Jill saw the monster when she was fleeing the nemines.Nemines threw it out of the way so it can get Jill.It was later found again when Jill was in rest.Carlos just saved Jill and the pair escaped.When the bomb was ticking Jill and Carlos escaped but the Paramentis managed to grab onto the helicopter.Jill kicked it with her boots which nearly killed her.Her boots saved their lifes and paramentis died in the explosion.He had kept the boots in treasure for some unknowen reason.

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