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Operation Whitescreen is a B.S.A.A. operation that took place in the winter of 2007 in an Alaskan facility.

Kaiden Westfall and four dozen B.S.A.A. security operatives, lead by Captain William, raided a small Umbrella facility in the wasteland of Alaska. This facility was the home of Amanda Dallas and a dozen other researchers who were attempting to create a B.O.W. capable of sustaining extreme temperatures. Their failure eventually resulted in a new mutation called Nyx which would subsequently lay waste to the facility along with most of the B.S.A.A. soldiers. During it's breakout, which was caused by the B.S.A.A. strike team cutting power to the facility, it unleashed several other B.O.W.s such as the Grims. Eventually Kaiden Westfall was separated from the strike team which was nearly wiped out after confronting Nyx. While trying to escape from the facility he came into contact with Amanda Dallas and her bodyguard known as G-05. Kaiden fought the bodyguard and eventually locked it in a secure room without killing it.

He then pursued the researcher as she went deeper into the facility having to fight several Grims along the way. Finally he discovered that there was a small underground roadway which lead to a major highway some miles away. Amanda was attempting to flee when the Nyx entered the garage and destroyed the vehicles within. Kaiden grabbed the doctor and fled through the facility with her until finally they made it back to the surface where Captain William and four marines were prepared to fight the beast. A massive battle ensued between the six humans and the B.O.W. resulting in the death of four solider and the captain being knocked unconscious. The Nyx was crushing Kaiden's body when it's arm exploded and was severed. From the walls of the compound Ada Wong threw her grenade launcher to Kaiden before blowing him a kiss and then disappearing.

With he aid of the grenade launcher he was able to kill the Nyx. Afterwards Amanda Dallas Attempted to shot him with one of the dead security forces weapons only to be shoot dead by Captain William who had only recently regained consciousness.

Notable People Involved

New B.O.W.s

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