Ocolot calaz
Date of Birth 1966
Date of Death 2006
Gender male
Height 5 ft
Race/Ethnicity american,caucasion
Occupation unknown
Marital status single
Relative(s) N/A
Status Deseased


working for Night, Ocolot was an high offcer in his ogranisateon, he however was merely pretending to work for the man.

Betrayal Edit

Being perssonely asked by Night to look after the TG-virus sample, Ocolot instead regected the thought of protecting it and instead stole it. Night however new this was his true motive all along and only watched to see what Ocolot would do with it.

Ocolot not knowing what the virus would do to him injected himself with it. Until mutating in to a tyrant known as T-768.

=== Death

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Believing he could now defeat Night and then take his place, Ocolot challanged Night. Night hardly careing, simply walked calmly towards him, and dared him to attack him, fueled with rage he charged at Night only to be split in half as Night brought a chop down on him splitting his body down the middle.

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