Created 12-10-2007
Created By Amanda Dallas
Creation Muti-virus
Based Canine/Human/Elephant
Height/Length 25/45
Purpose First step experimentation in large mass B.O.W.
Status Inactive as of 2007
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The Nyx was contained deep underground in the Alaska facility with electrical currents running though it to keep it from being able to run free. The creature broke free when Operation Whitescreen began and power was cut to the facility. From there it broke through the compound releasing other creature such as the Grims. Eventually it prevented Amanda Dallas, it's creator, from escaping through the underground road. It then hunted her and Kaiden Westfall through the compound until it go to the surface where five B.S.A.A. soldiers along with Kaiden fought it. The B.O.W. would have won if it had not been for Ada Wong freeing Kaiden from it's grasp and giving him a grenade launcher. Using the weapon he the he slain the organic weapon.


The Nyx skin is completely dead the further it goes away from it's heart given it a blackened appearance. It towers most things at twenty five feet high and forty feet long. It's weakness is that it can not see do to it's eyes being rotten. It main method of attack is using it's tail and hands.

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