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"William Wesker"
Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:June 14th, 2014
Blood type:O
Height:190 cm
Mass:63 kg
Appearances:Resident Evil: Code Genesis

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William Wesker (also known as "Number Eight"), is one of the original Thirteen Wesker children (also known as the Wesker Prototypes by a few) to have been experimented on by Alex as well as Ozwell Spencer for their plan in the New World Order. William's exact place of origin and date of birth are mainly left unknown particularly because most of the information of the Wesker children had been lost or destroyed in the past. He appears to Rose and Chris upon their arrival to Isle Alexandria when they attempt to hide from Alex's men inside the sewer systems.

Upon meeting William, they discover that he had somehow managed to escape the facility on his own, but could not leave the island. He remained hidden in the sewers for several long, horrible years and scavenged for food by killing guards who would wander onto the beaches when they were to go look for him. Because of his wanting to keep a low profile and his sickening conditions, Chris has a fear that he is possibly cannibalistic. William doesn't deny nor agree with this.

This Wesker child is also a mute and cannot speak to them directly for unknown reasons - though it is suggested that the cause of his inability to speak may be due to an injury or an infection displayed by a horrible scarring around his throat and chest. He resorts to writing down his messages on a small chalkboard that hangs itself around his neck. He appears as a tall, skinny man with long white hair and sunken gold - colored eyes. He wears a long filthy trench coat and a pair of dirty blue jeans with no shirt or shoes.

William does offer them guidance through the sewers, but later on does show fear of coming in contact with Alex directly again. Though Rose seems to connect with him in a friendly way, he still remains doubtful and especially shy around her. He does comment on his chalkboard that he believes Rose to be "beautiful" and doesn't want to see her get hurt in the process.

Once the island is eventually raided, William disappears for the longest time and is never seen after that. He makes an appearance one final time as he stands through the fires of the facility. He watches as Rose and Chris part and simply smiles, a peaceful look on his face before he turns and walks back into the fire presumably to end his own life.

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