Nicholai Ginovaef is a character who appears in Resident Evil 3 as a U.B.C.S. soldier participating in Operation:WatchDog, where he was paid large sums of money for combat data regarding B.O.W.s present during the Raccoon City Incident where the T-Virus was leaked into the city.

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Joben ContinuetyEdit

"As long as the bill is paid, my services are yours to command"
―Nicholai Ginovaef to Roderick Lazarus

In the Joben Continuety, After his escape from Raccoon City, Nicholai becomes the second commander of DarkRain, an elite fighting force under the command of Roderick Lazarus. Apparently, Nicholai felt that it was too much of a risk to be seen working for Umbrella, and he sold the combat data off to the highest bidder, who turned out to Roderick Lazarus. Lazarus also knew of the excellent service record Nicholai had, and offered him a high position in his own organisation, specificaly to be one of four commanders of DarkRain, Lazarus' own private army. Nicholai accepted, as Lazarus assured him that he would remain safe from the arms of any of his enemies, specifically Carlos Oliveira and Jill Valentine. Nicholai's knowledge of Biohazard survival also makes him one the more experienced soldiers, along with Jacob Sans.

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