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Neo Tyrant Model 017
Created 2010
Created By Genetic Technologies
Creation Controlled Zeus Virus infection and mutation
Based Originally NT-14
Height/Length 5"11"
Purpose Assassinations, Counter Tyrant Operations
Status Unknown

"I have one purpose: kill my targets...I never fail."

-NT-17 to Dylan before an ill fated attack on Thomas


After the incident at Belmont Labortories, Gene Tech knew they had to be able to stop wayward Tyrants with ease and efficiency. This began project Shadow and within a few years, NT-17 was born. While based off of the original NT-14 frame, NT-17 or Shadow 1 as it's referred to, is much smaller. Also it typically wears a buisiness suit rather than a trench coat like its prediccessor. The first prototype was released into a facility containing numerous NT-14s and within four hours, all four were slain by this new Tyrant.

Shadow 1 was deployed numerous times as a "cleaner" of sorts to remove any threat to Gene Tech's fragile alliance to the United States government. It saw major action in the Orlando Outbreak and later in Miami. Here it faced more advanced threats from the wild Tyrants but it still managed to easily outwit its opponents and retreat when necessary.


NT-17 typically attacks with a long sythe like claw that emerges from its right forearm. This is it's main killing insturment and typically attacks from behind, trying to decapitate or at least cripple the opponent If facing harsher resistance, it removes its jacket and it quickly begins to take on a more Tyrant feel. The left hand becomes clawed and the right becomes much longer, allowing the NT-17 to use it very much like a scythe. This is typically seen as it's Super Tyrant form. This makes it limited in combat but overall it isn't designed for front line combat.


The original Shadow 1 served for over ten years and seeing combat in several major outbreaks. It met its end at the hands of Thomas on the USS Lazarus. It managed to cut off Thomas' arms but the Uroboros within him grabbed and consumed the 17, killing it. However, Gene Tech has noted that a Shadow 2 and 3 exist, hinting that the NT-17 wasn't a one time affair.

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