The Creature's image, max 250px
Neo Tyrant Model 013
Created 2000
Created By Dr. Jason Markin
Creation AGES Virus
Based A cloned human for bio weapons testing.
Height/Length Various
Purpose Experimental
Status Killed


The experimental version of a Tyrant formed using the AG Virus, this Tyrant began to quickly evolve to the point where it wouldn't be able to survive, let alone be effective. This Tyrant was then killed mostly allowing it to reform its body and then frozen. This prototype Tyrant was accidently released by Richard who heated up the floor to get access to some computer equipment. When the Tyrant was unleasehd, it began to quickly evolve and grow excessively, growing extra limbs and entire body sections. It continued to grow before it eventually began to fold into itself and developed entirely new bodies but all were linked to the central core. Richard tried to beat it back with a grenade launcher but it continued to grow and evolve. This creature was eventually killed by the prototype NT-14 who ripped its heart out and then its brain. The organism then began to redevelop and reform into what could be desribed as a massive anemone with a seperate body section being a tentacle. From here the NT-14 managed to heat the room enough to cause the entire creature to cook and quickly died. The NT-14 then left but the computers were fried.


Overall, the AG and AGES Virus projects could be considered a failure. NT-13 was a dismal failure while NT-15 had slighlty more success, but it did eventually explode. With these marked failures, the only successful AGES Tyrant was Jason. Based on his own logs chronicling his mutations and thoughts on it, Jason believed that it was due to AGES "knew its maker." Of those that were infected and had successfully mutated, they are all Jason's descendants, making them the only likely canidates for AGES infection.

This has limited AGES' uses signifigantly. The hopes for an "evolving lifeform" that would be able to be able to overcome anything. This typically results in the organism going crazy much like Nightmare did. However with Jason and his family, things go very differently, making AGES unpreditable at best.

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