NINE during the Sheena Island outbreak.

Date of Birth 1970
Date of Death 2006
Gender Male
Height 5'2
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation Mercenary
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Deseased

NINE was one of Reaver's top men, being completely ruthless, he was the ideal comander Reaver needed.

However, he hardly liked Reaver in the slightest, to the extent of regret working for him. He considered Reaver, weak and ignorent. NINE was part of an Umbrella experiment to create supersoldiers. He is called NINE as he is the nineth subject of the project. During the Sheena Island Outbreak NINE was a member of the "Cleaners" sent to destroy evidence.

2006 Edit

 After Hearing of Reaver's death, NINE couldn't be more happy, as he knew Reaver would die eventually. Sometime later he discovered an intruder in the Bunker, attempting to eliminate the threat, He sent his men to kill them. Unfortunately, they were all killed by a new Tyrant. Knowing he had to finish the job he tracked down the intruder seeing it to be none other than Claire Redfield.

However before geting the chance to kill her, the creature that killed his men dropped down and teared his limbs off one by one as he cryed in agony.

NINE and his men.

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