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Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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"I'm close to achieving world domination-Milorad to Claire Redfield during a shootout between him and her."
―Milorad Lugevoi

Milorad Lugevoi is a fictional character introduced in Resident Evil:Doomsday, Where he is the main villain.He is portrayed by Moti Margolin.He was a member of a serbian sepratist group responsible for wiping out 5775 people with the deadly cat's Meow virus.He is first seen in the Carcer City subway station threatening to wipe out the whole station with the cat's claw virus which transforms people into cat-like zombies.He is stopped by Claire and Roberta.He is later seen in an abandoned hotel in Liberty Town where he injected his pet Tiger with the cat's claw virus it is later revealed he is planning world domination.He breaks an Police officer's neck and disguises himself as a police officer in order to trick the people into believing Claire Redfield and Roberta Mosholu are the villains when that doesn't work he opens fire Claire opens fire back shooting him in the face he later to succumbs to blood loss.

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