Meryl Larren
Cross Hairs
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:N/A
Occupation:Umbrella Secret Services (U.S.S.)
Appearances:Operation: Underlight
Voice:Courtenay Taylor

Meryl Larren is a member of The Pride, codenamed "Cross-Hairs". She is the sniper and skilled melee specialist, she is amazingly flexible giving her an advantage against enemies. Originally with the French Foreign Legion, she was forced to be discharged for disobeying orders and threatening to kill her commanding officer.

Larren participated in the Redwood City Incident as her second mission, as her first mission was a failure (Though unknown, it is suspected to be an attempt on Alexander Lane's life) She is under the command of "Lucci" and manages to survive the mission with "Deadman".



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Meryl admires her teammates, unlike with other people who recieve her anger. She often can't stand other people, making her a heartless sniper willing to kill anyone she was assigned to. Though with her team, she shows great joy around them and great sadness when the members began to die.


Henry "Lucci" LuponiliEdit


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Meryl shows some respect to Umbrella, as they allow her to do what she wants and give her a thrill that she once had when in the French Foreign Legion. She also, at one point, had a boyfriend who worked in accounting before he was taken to the Arklay Training Facility where he more than likely died.

Besides that, Meryl often jokes that they think they can control her by giving her orders, especially towards "The Operator". Meryl can also be very aggressive, often arguing with him and threatening to kill him when she gets back to normlcy.


Zombies are similiar to play things for her, they are not a major threat and thus she often kills them by letting them get close to her before doing a fierce and sometimes finishing blow to them. She more or less is less cautious around them, as she calls them "Worthless Flesh Maggots" and laughs at their attempts to bite her. She also uses her flexibility to taunt them, often kicking them away or kicking off their heads.


  • Her character was inspired by the movie "Secondhand Lions"
  • Her image is that of Meryl from Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Her name "Cross-Hairs" is a term used as a sight on a weapon, thus her name matches her profession as a sniper.

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