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“The products of life.”-Mercury Corporation's motto.


Founded in 1948 by Craig Knight, Mercury Corporation had been the lead company in pharmesuticals before Umbrella had been established and used that as their cover. This also lead to Craig harboring a deep dislike for Umbrella and their founders. Since then Mercury has always come second best to Umbrella in both pharmesuticals and BOW development, since then they have been making sure to stay on top by all means.

Ironically, Craig Knight is Bethany Smith's grandfather and the great grandfather to Zachary Smith.


Their first goal in mind as always were to develop Bio-weaponry and creating viruses. At the moment they are currently trying to obtain a sample of the T-Plasma, but have failed to find it anywhere...until now.


  • Craig Knight
  • Bethany Smith
  • Zachary Smith
  • Demitri Frost
  • Donovan Matthews
  • Rachel Turner (deceased)
  • Eva Sinclair
  • James Irazoque

Viral Department:

  • Dr. Jeff Salvatore
  • Dr. June Xiang

BOW Development:

  • Ean Kristoff
  • Victor Sun
  • Martin Washington

Experiment Testing Sector:

  • Lisa Delmar
  • Mak Shao
  • Keith Williams
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