Mecha Night
Date of Birth 2011
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 8ft
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation N/A
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Tile Ribbons (Creator)
Status Alive

"Tile is gone, Now witness the new terror...of Mecka Night."
―Mecka Night

This is Night after dieing from grisly blows from his now dead father, and being reserected via, The Virus fusing with the Computer of the men that saved him. When he was "Reborn", He soon slaughtered the poor men who saved him before Slaughtering the camp's entire population, until setting of into the distance to quite literelly take on the world.

Physical Changes Edit

Many darastic physical changes have been bleesed towards him.

Changes include:

His Eyes have turned from Red cat like eyes to, Blue eyes.

His Teeth and fingernails have grown so far, as to earned the right to be called fangs and claws.

His voice is now very high and echoy.


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