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Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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Ya know what homie that was pretty funny.Know what else is funny? Me slicing your head off your shoulders ya mark now that is f*cking funny

-May Krenshaw to Andromeda Wesker

May Krenshaw[Born on December 24th 1977] is an african ameerican criminal who is attempting to steal the antidote for the Veronica^2 Virus for her own nefarious purposes.She along with her Boyfreind T-Dogg Lead a group of gangsters called BLG[Blood Love gangsters] She is manaical and has delusions of grandeur.She appears to be a demure kind hearted woman at first.But her evil side is quickly shown after she strangles Nicholai Ginovaef's Brother Bruce for outliving his usefulness towards her.Outraged Nicholai Ginovaef joins Andromeda and Claire and Carlos in hunting them down.There hunt takes them to an abandon ed laundromt in Downtown Raccoon city.There May summons many zombies to attack them but the zombies are quickly defeated.Then a ploice member shows up and arrests May and her boyfriend T-Dogg.May swears vengance as she is taken Away

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