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Maxwell Tyler
Date of Birth 1995
Date of Death Deathdate unknown
Gender Male
Height 4'10"
Race/Ethnicity Islander descent/Caucasian
Occupation None
Marital status None
Relative(s) Renee Tyler (elder sister)
Status Alive

Maxwell (Max) Tyler is the younger brother of Renee Tyler. While he has no combat skills, he is exceptionally gifted with intelligence, much like his sister, and has extensive knowledge of ethical hacking. On multiple occasions he has used this talent to find information the Resistance needed, taking it directly from Umbrella's databases if the situation called for it.

Earlier Life Edit

Max was born into a good family, usually preferring his sister's attention over most others. His next door neighbor, a child around his own age, was one of his best friends at the time. He'd only known of good things up until the Raccoon City incident, and even then was too young to fully understand it all. He was only a toddler at the time, so his memories of life before are hazy if any.

Raccoon City Edit

During the Raccoon City incident, his older sister had been away from home, and the zombies had invaded his home. He managed to run next door, where he was somewhat more safe until the other boy attacked him. Renee arrived before he was harmed, and tried to take him out of the city. As they reached the city limits, a monstrous thing- Nemesis- had attacked Renee, and she'd pushed him out of the way, ordering him to run. Instead he'd picked up a rock and thrown it at the thing, allowing her to temporarily take it down. She took him and fled Raccoon City, where she formed the Umbrella Resistance Brigade that became his new home.

Now Edit

He still lives with Renee at the base, though because of his age and lack of training, she refuses to allow him to take part in the combat. He manages to help quite a bit by taking information from the Umbrella servers. No further information disclosed.

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