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Matthew Sosbe
Date of Birth 1974
Date of Death 1998
Gender male
Height 5ft 9in
Race/Ethnicity White African
Occupation Rhodisian Army (Former), South African Army (Former), Freelance Mercinary (Current), Umbrella Mercinanry (Current Empolyer)
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased), 3 Sisters (deceased)
Status Deceased

Born in the former colony of Rhodisia (Now Zimbabwe) Matthew Sosbe was the 3rd child of a family of Brittish decent. His entire family (excluding himself, of course) was killed in the Rhodisian civil war which gave independece to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Durring the Civil war Matthew fought for the Rhodisian Government hoping to keep his native contry whole. In the end though Rhodisia split.

He would latter rejoin the service as a 1st Seregent in the South African Army, and subsequently served for 5 years. After that he became a freelance soldier for hire, fighting for whoever gave the highest bid.

It was durring this time that he was approched by Umbrella. Who was looking for soldiers of high caliber. Matt Sosbe fit the requirements and was accepted into the Umbrella Biohazdard Countermeassure Service (UBCS).


In his carreer in the UBCS he became friends with an American by the name of Jack Konig. On the few opperations that they went on, Matt and Jack looked out for eachother and worked together to complete several VIP protection jobs.

Matt had always been haunted by the fact that his family had been murdered by anti-government troops in the war. This made him distant at times, and when this happened he could be really hard to work with, on or off the battlefield. This also put a strain on his commradery with Jack.

Matt served under the same unit as Jack. However, he had not been raised to hate Russians, so he could act as a go between when Vassili Chuikov, Matt's CO, gave orders that Jack didn't agree with. Due to this Matt Sosbe served in the UBCS as a corpral.

Raccoon City Incedent Edit

Matt Sosbe died in the Raccoon City incedent. He was killed by an infected crocodile at Raccoon zoo. He dived back into the water to save Jessica, Jack Koings little sister.

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