Mark Jericho
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth February 2,1983
deathdate unknown
Gender character's gender
Height 5'10
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation member of A-B.T.R.T(Anti-Bio Terrorism Rescue Team)
Marital status single
Relative(s) Kevin Jericho(brother)
Status Alive

Mark Jericho is the brother of Kevin Jericho and he is a A-B.T.R.T member

Terrain City Edit

"It's finally over...."-after escaping the city

Mark and his brother Kevin Jericho will have his first mission at Terrain City where another virus outbreak happens.Together with Mike McGuire and Irene Jackson their mission is to find the source of the virus and destroy it.Upon arriving at the city they spot a man and went after him but only got overran by a swarm of zombies.So the team split up Mark followed his brother while Irene came with Mike.Mark and Kevin continued to search for the man.While Irene and Mike search for the source and destroy it.Kevin sees Silvus
Resident Evil Tyrant fan art by Furgur


and was shocked to see it alive the two tried to run away from Silvus but they got trapped.So the two drew their guns but Silvus kicks the two before they could even shoot.Mark drops his gun to a large hole while Kevin was looking for his gun.Mark distracts Silvus while Kevin looks for his gun.The distraction was unsuccessful and Mark got wounded but Kevin found his gun and shoots all of the weakpoints of of Silvus eventually it dies and falls at the whole.Kevin then sees Mark dying but the man drops a First Aid Kit at Kevin which cures Mark.The man tells both of them that Silvus was only a mere copy of the original one and he tells them that Irene is in grave danger because she doesn't know that Mike was the real source because he is looking to revive Umbrella Inc. but only accidentally releasing the virus.The man says his name is Greg Johnson but Kevin doesn't believe it but Greg says that Mike revived him with artificial organs and he works for him as a spy but he betrays him and escapes his laboratory and he says Mike also works for Albert Wesker.Then Mike comes out of a window grabbing Irene's hair and he says:"Well done Greg you told them everything and for that I'll kill all of you!" and Mike lets go of Irene.Kevin shoots Mike but he dodges it.Mark punches Mike and hits his face.But Mike uppercuts Mark and Greg knocking them out.Irene shoots him with her handgun and it hits his legs it slows him down.Then Mike transforms into a monster with 7 tentacles it hits Kevin and made him drop his Magnum Irene finds the Magnum and throws it to Kevin and he says:"Hey,Mikey feast on this!" he shoots him which kills him.As Mike dies they plant an explosions around the city and all of them escape and they reported back to HQ and also dropping Greg at Denver.Then the city exploded.
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