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Ammunition Type: Custom Murcury Pellet Ammunition (Causing slow poisoning as the target's blood stream and vital organs are penatrated learving Traces of Meurcury.)
Feed System: None.
Type: Triple Barreled Shot-Gun
custom(?): Yes

Created With A Longer Bareled Version Of the Hydra. Its chassis is made of steel and carbon fiber to create a better grip on the pump.

Named Lust For The Amout Of Carnage Purpotrated By The Weapon. Showing The Weapon's Unsatiable Blood Lust


There Were Ten made. One Was Given To Cheif Reasercher of The Tokyo Divission Of The Free The Others Were Given To The At risk Personal Faces Of The Free. It Is Modifiable With Two Other Ammunition Types. 1- Devine Blazes. (created To Down Tyrants and other High Powered B.O.W's As It Deconstructs The Virus Destroying It In The Process. They Are Pellets That Dissolve in The Blood Stream and Realease The Chemial Into the Body.) 2- Standard Ammo

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