Lisa Trevor is a "character" in the definitive Resident Evil series, where she appears in the REmake of Resident Evil. Lisa was the daughter of George Trevor, the architect of the Spencer Mansion. She was kidnapped by Umbrella soldiers and was subsequently experimented on with the Progentor Virus, and mutated into into a hideous monstrosity that became derranged with locating her dead mother, who died as a result of experiments conducted on her. Lisa's mutated blood became the source of the T-Virus, G-Virus and the NE-T Virus. When she was no longer of any further use to Umbrella, she was to be terminated. She turned on her captors however, and roamed the halls of mansion. She is believed to have been killed in the self-destruction of the mansion, because she was impaled by a falling chandelier whilst in a battle with the reccently resurected Albert Wesker.

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