A Fenrir

One of Roderick Lazarus' experiments, the Fenrir, or otherwise known as L-WOLF, is a B.O.W developed by the former Umbrella Corporation scientist. Fenrir was mass-produced by Lazarus in order to serve as some sort of foot-soldier in case his facilities were ever attacked. Fenrir are created by combining Human DNA with that of a wolf. The product of this is then injected with the T-Virus. After that, the resultant organism is then injected with another, currently unknown, virus that Lazarus developed himself. Lazarus theorised that if any of the Fenrir were to escape, they would be mistaken for "werewolves", and so no one would belive anyone that saw one. The Fenrir is supposedly Lazarus' answer to the Hunter, as it has similar combat abilities, but is belived to be more intelligent. So far, no Fenrir have been encountered or reported. There is some form of information on Fenrir in the Knight Files, which states that when in combat, Fenrir work more effctivley in a pack than alone. It is also noted that Fenrir may be capable of reproducing. Other surveys show that one Ferir, supposedly a female, takes control of the pack that it is in, and can grow to much larger sizes than ordinary Ferir. These Fenrir are known as matriarchs. After a matriarch, only Alphas are stronger than regular Fenrir. Alphas are the mates of matriarchs, but are not as powerful. Fenrir often battle amongst themselves for the right of Alpha. These battles are often to the death. On a general level, Fenrir are suprisingly swift, and their attacks are simmilar to Hunters. It was apparetly noted that the Fenrir surpassed the Hunter in all areas apart from endurance. Combat statistics show that Fenrir can only endure slightly less than an average Hunter. Regardless, the creature was cosidered a resounding success.


Resident Evil: Fall of LazarusEdit

L-WOLVES are common enemies that appear in Resident Evil: Fall of Lazarus. L-WOLVES come in three variants – standard, α, and Matriarch. L-WOLVES are fast, agile enemies that claw at their prey. Individually, they are moderately easy to deal with, but in numbers, they can be dangerous. Both standard L-WOLVES AND L-WOLF α's are Unarmored targets and can be instantly killed by headshots from any firearm. Each L-WOLF possesses 800 HP, while each L-WOLF α has 1000 HP. L-WOLF Matriarchs, however, are Lightly Armored targets, and while Head Criticals cannot be scored on them, their heads receive four times the normal damage the rest of the body would receive. An L-WOLF Matriarch has 3000 HP.

Resident Evil: FailsafeEdit

The Fenrir also appear in Resident Evil: Failsafe.

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