Klaus Birgs
Date of Birth 1960
Date of Death 2008
Gender male
Height 5,ft
Race/Ethnicity German,cucasion
Occupation Mercanery
Marital status Single
Relative(s) N/A
Status Deceased

""It semms you american's are not so smart afterall"."

A German mrecanery with years of comat expiriance, Klaus was a get the job done, kind'a guy planning tactical plans before really exacuteing them. His team was killed in 1997 during a missian in south america, Klaus had worked alone ever since.


Klaus got a call from an old freand of his  N.i.N.E. He said he needed his asistance. Soon after arrivng at the bunker, Klaus only then reilised that he was too late. N.I.N.E and his men were dead he only then spotted the creature, Then, the creature saw him it pounced at him. Klaus leaping out of the way to avoid ceartin death. Then the soldiures due to being infected by the monster overwelmed, and ate Klaus alive.

Trivia Edit

Klaus's character was inspired by Biohazard 4D executer.

Klaus's weapon of choice was a Heckler & koch 540.

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