Kevin CoenEdit

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Kevin Coen
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth November 8,1971
Gender Male
Height 5'7'
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation =Police officer
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Alive

Kevin Coen was a police officer who was sent to the North Carolina base to find out just what kind of experiments they were doing. He confronts and attacks Exodus Hybrid, a head Reasearcher and commander of the base. He encountered many B.O.Ws during his raid on the base including some that were presumed trashed by umbrella like, The Lurker. He is the main Protagonist of the game and is seen wearing a long blue vest, black pants and black fingerless gloves. While exploring, the base he met Cynthia Hopkins, a young researcher who helped him through the base. While searching for Exodus, he encountered Plant R a gigantic IVY based plant B.O.W which covered the botanical garden area of the base. Like the mansion and Raccoon University, he also encountered accidentally created neptune in the basement of the facility. It is later revealed that he was top of his class in college and was recruited for his knowledge of first aid and fire arms. He later comes across a Giant main lab facility, where he is constantly stalked by Exodus's first mutation (this lab facility also contains Scorponox and Seakers along with rare Hyper Zombies). He after much triumph against horrible abominations, activates a self destruct system, where he exits the base through a back door that leads to a giant courtyard, where he is confronted by Cynthia who gives him a Rocket Launcher and later uses it against Exodus and escapes with his comrade and female protagonist Julia Hayes on a helicopter which he calls for halfway in the game using a radio.
His favorite weapon of choice is his M-11 Sub machine gun.

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