"I spot seveal Deadies up ahead...damn it starting to sound like Dragon Fly."- KAUSARETA scouting out Racoon City for the Team 

Hana Akamine, codenamed "KAUSARETA", is an Umbrella Security Service operative. She is skilled in recon and stealth. She alerts her allies to potential enemies, obstacles, and keeps them updated on what is going on around them. She is often realistic causing her to become annoyed at fellow Zulu team member DRAGONFLY whose constantly cracking jokes and talking nonstop.

Biography Edit

"KAUSERTA" lived in a remote village in Japan with her American mother and a Japanese father, she was taught wilderness and basic survival skills by her mother a Washington State native and experienced hiker/Hunter. She also learned how to handle firearms from her mother, she was bullied as a child and looked down upon.

When she joined U.S.S. she was originally supposed to be placed on Alpha Team but didn't get along with GOBLIN-6, and was transferred to Zulu Team

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