Julia Hayes is the female protagonist of Resident Evil: No Way Out! but her chapters are only unlocked by beating the game on Normal Mode. She arrived infront of the North Carolina base with Kevin Coen and Rodrick Hibert and was later seperated from Kevin by an explosion. From there on she was attacked by a Zombie which she killed. Her starting weapon is a Vp70 handgun and a Combat knife. Later in the game she obtaines a M-79 Grenade launcher, and can obtain an assault shotgun from the body of Rodrick who later attacks Kevin as a Zombie. She is attacked halfway in the game by Andy Hopkins but states to him that shes a police officer asigned to infiltrate the base. After getting advice from andy on a heliport on the tall courtyard of the base, she witnesses Andy get knocked off a catwalk and into the sewer by a T-103 (Special) and presumes him dead however he has his own minigame in which he escspes from the sewers proving him alive. She later helps Kevin against the T-430 on the Heliport Andy mentioned. In the end she escapes with Kevin.

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