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Josh Stone
Josh gold desperate escape
Date of birth:1974
Date of death:Not specified
Height:185 cm
Mass:93 kg
Occupation:B.S.A.A. Delta Team Captain
Appearances:Resident Evil: 5

Resident Evil: End of Days Resident Evil: Code Genesis

Voice:TJ Storm
Mocap:TJ Storm

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"Sheva has become the little sister of the team..."

--Josh, about Sheva in Resident Evil: 5.

Captain Josh Stone is a member of the BSAA's West Africa Branch, although upon further inspection, and the leader of Delta team for the mission in Kijuju.

Josh was Sheva Alomar's first team captain and he had trained her for several months before they later became very close friends or in some way, like siblings as put by Josh. When the events of Resident Evil: 5 take on, Josh assisted Chris and Sheva in taking out Irving and in his trip, he also crosses paths with Jill Valentine after the initial fight between Wesker, Chris and Sheva. Together, the two fought their way through the numerous Majini and arrived just in time to save Chris and Sheva from the volcano after Wesker's defeat. He is portrayed by TJ Storm.

Resident Evil: Code Genesis ContinuityEdit

JoshStone (570 x 402)

After the Kijuju incident, Josh and Sheva both stayed in Central Africa to assist in cleaning up the mess that Wesker had caused during his time that he was alive. It saddens Josh to see that Kijuju still remains empty and a ghost town from the damages that had been caused to it and its people. He keeps himself strong despite these feelings.

They continued their work of fighting bioterrorism until receiving a call from Chris about a current situation in Newark City. Once Josh learns of the problem, he offers to go with Sheva to find out about a supposed Wesker project still living somewhere in East Zahani's village.

In the process, Sheva and Josh both have to fight off a t-virus outbreak (including a voracious alligator infected with the virus) released on the village by a guerrilla terrorist group and they work their way to a small house owned by Oluchi Yeboah. The two uncover the truth about the Wesker project including what is in store for Rose Bedford.

Josh's feelings about Rose aren't as weak as Sheva's. He believes that if she has the will to fight back against those who puppeteered her life and she not become the "monster" that is planned for her, then she has his respect.


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