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Jonny Fields
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1953[Age 55-56
Gender Male
Height 6'4[Weigh 257 Lbs]
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation S.T.A.R.S Alpha Omega member
Marital status None
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Alive

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Jonny Fields is one of the most experienced officers of the S.T.A.R.S alpha omega team. He is usually kindhearted but gets angry whenever his teammates slack off.He was also a member of the US marines who participated in the vietnam war at the young age of 15.He recalls of a time when he was spat on for doing the dirty work for the government.IT is unknown if he has any relatives as they were all wiped out via infetion with the Tepellagra virus.He teams up with Sheva Alomar and Chris redfield to help take down Giada Wesker the daughter of Albert wesker.
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