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Joanna Cress
Date of Birth 1979
Date of Death N/A
Gender Female
Height 5'0
Race/Ethnicity English descent/American
Occupation S.T.A.R.S. OPS Team (formerly)

Umbrella Resistance Brigade

Marital status Currently dating Rex Allen
Relative(s) unknown
Status Alive

Jonni CressEdit

Earlier Life Edit

Being home schooled most of her life she didn't have a lot of experience in the world other then her job fixing cars since moving to America at the age of 6. So after finishing High School at the age of 16 joined the rookie ranks of S.T.A.R.S and slowly over the course of 2 years worked up to Head OPS team were she met Vergil Merdez, the Co-Captain of the Head OPS team, Renee Tyler and Chris Redfield all becoming her close friends.


The Mansion Incident Edit

While doing recon with her team at the mansion they were ambushed by Umbrella forces. Every member of her team was killed except for her and Vergil, whom she saw walk away with William Birkin and Albert Wesker. Unknown to her he had been attacked by infected leeches, was no longer alive and was only taken for experimental uses. She was dragged off by the team to an underground lab where Wesker did a number of experiments using a combination of some of the strongest viruses including Nemesis, Progenitor, and G. The mixture caused severe mutations including claws, long ears, a tail with spines, black eyes with a white slit, and fangs. On the back of her neck after his experiments had finished he tattooed NE-Beta-003, the new Nemesis prototype. She remained at the mansion for a short while until its destruction, which lead to her escape much to Wesker's misfortune. Later while roaming the forest Jonni found out the only way to suppress the development of her mutations was to devour those infected with the T-virus because it seemed to put a halt on it, but she had to feed on them at least once every few days. This went on for 3 long years until she was found by Renee Tyler and was brought back to her hideout. To this day she doesn't know of what befell Vergil.

Now Edit

She remains with her good friend Renee Tyler, fighting to put a stop to Umbrella once and for all. She wears bandages around her neck and shoulders to hide not only her tattoo but the scars from the experiments, even from her close friends.

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