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Jonathan Hutchins, code-name Charade, is a member of the Umbrella Security Service, having been dispatched to Raccoon City during the outbreak.

Charade 001
Jonathan Hutchins
Date of Birth OCT 11, 19--
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation U.S.S. hitman
Marital status Single?
Relative(s) N/A
Status Active


During the Raccoon City Outbreak, Charade was but one of several USS members deployed in the city. He was given two specific missions to carry out within the city:

  • 1) Assist in the elimination of survivors that he encounters, and
  • 2) Locate, hunt down, and terminate Umbrella employees within the city that are deemed "Unnecessary" to the corporation and confiscate any research material.

Charade is air-dropped into the city and carries out his mission flawlessly, executing several civilians and US soldiers in his path to an Umbrella Office. Once their, he encounters Richard Arnolds, an Umbrella scientist. Assuming Charade is here to help, Arnolds lets down his guard, only to be shot in the head by his "Savior". After disposing of the scientist, Charade takes a vial of an experimental 'T' variant before moving on.

Charade soon after encounters a group of five well-armed survivors holed up in a hotel. Taking aim, Hutchins manages to kill off two of them before the others escape, taking a bullet in the abdomen in the process. He later recuperates in a nearby alley before setting off to track down the remaining survivors.

Jonathan heckles the survivors for over an hour, eventually managing to trap them in a warehouse with the use of landmines. Inside, Hutchins begins a firefight with the remaining 3 survivors, where he manages to kill one more before being grievously injured. Seeing no alternative, Charade injects himself with the experimental "T" strain and mutates into a large, monstrous creature.

Despite his transformation, Charade is killed and the survivors escape.


Charade Stood at about 6'1' with dark brown hair. He wore a full uniform at all times, preventing the rest of his appearance from being described.

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