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Jin Yuk Kwon is a myserious Korean man who was a high ranking official of Umbrella where he served as William Birkin's Superior.Born on August 16th 1940 he was drafted into the korean war at 13 Years old where he defeated many american troops on the battlefield he was also feared as the right hand of 1963 he Marries Julia Kim but she dies 5 hours after they were married when he stabs her with a sword due to her having an affair with Nicholai Ginovaef's father Ramsey.In 1977 he Joins Umbrella and is made 2nd in command William Birkin was one of his henchmen and willingly carried out his plans.He also created a Korea Virus which would mutate the person and transforms them into an ogre-like monster.However he was paralyzed from the waist down by one of his creations and was confined to a wheelchair,He orders William Birkin to chase down the creature which Birkin does.In 1998 When Birkin is killed when he transforms intoa berzerker Jin was angry and sets out to get revenge on Claire and Leon,However he fails and in 2004 he is killed by an angry Nikolai ginovaef when he has his skull ripped out by Ginovaef's bare hands
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