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Joben Continuety

After Jill escaped from Raccoon City, she became one of the founding members of the B.C.K.. She is an active member of the group, and is the most experienced out of the group.

Darkfall Continuety

"I don't know why, but I have to trust you. Maybe it's cosmical?"
―Jill said to Frank McNeil

Before the Mansion Incident, she kept her eyes on a big-mouth suspictious guy, who had many aliases. After the Mansion incident, she made an alliance with this man, and Jill'd discovered his real name, and they get close to each other. Jill and Mac tried to investigate the Umbrella's out-of-law researches, but they was unsuccesful. At September 26, they tried to save survivors of the outbreak, but they lost contact, and was separated by an exploded gas station, so they thought each other dead.

After the Raccoon City incident, Jill wents to Detroit, and became a member of the Anti Umbrella Movement, alongside with Carlos Oliveira.

Jill and Mac met again in the Movement, and did a lot of missions together. They relationship was over with Jill's "death" after 2003. Later it's unknown what happened with them, after Jill set back to life in 2009, but they have a lot of words to speak.


Zach and Jill worked through the Mansion together with the help of Chris, Barry, and Rebbecca and escaped. During The Raccoon city incident, Zach ended up getting split from his sister and found Claire, Chris's Brother.

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