Jeremiah Alomar Mosholu[Born January 1940] is an scientist for Virotega Corporation who was responsible for finding a cure for the B74-Virus.He and his fellow Scientists opposed Umbrella Corps Tyrannical Stranglehold over Raccoon City he decided to make Umbrella Corps's Evil schemes known however Umbrella put a price on his head and sent one of their assassins Evie Helms to assassinate him.He is later kidnapped by Evie and is about to be assassinated by her when His daughter Sheva along with Dimitri Rodalov saved him. Thankful for them saving him he dcided to follow them.When they come across a man who was infected with the B-74 Virus Jeremiah injects him with the antidote. He Meets his wife Roberta who is cornered by Evie Helms he than shoots her in the stomach killing her thus saving his wife.He also gathers the survivors of the zombie onslaught and proceeds to tell them bout Umbrella's Evil Machinations,Inspired The townsfolk manages to bring umbrella's tyranny to an end by getting their members arrested

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