Jeffrey Puul
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1980
eptember 1998
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasian
Occupation Student
Marital status No
Relative(s) Erik Puul
Status Alive

  • Jeffrey Puul is an unknown survivor of the Raccoon City Incident.
  • He looks a bit like Leon, with brown hair and red eyes.

Early life Edit

Jeffrey Puul was raised in Raccoon City. He was raised into a middle class life, though he got everything he could have wanted. At the age of twelve, his mother died of an unknown illness, throwing Jeffrey into turmoil. He began to fail in school, get in trouble with other students, and start fights with his father and brother. When he turned thirteen these moods stopped and he simply became sullen. His attitude changed eventually and life went on as it should have.

Raccoon City Incident Edit

At the age of eighteen Jeffrey started college. He was a student at Raccoon City university. Soon after his start though, strange things began to happen. Students, teachers, and people of the town began to disappear, and talk of a canibalistic cult began to spread. But as more and more people began to disappear, things changed. Strange men and woman began to walk around the grounds of the school, and people began to lock their doors earlier. Then it finally hit him hard. He was all alone now on the campus, and he left his dorm to explore.

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