Jason Simmons
Date of Birth N/A
Date of Death 1998
Gender Male
Height N/A
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Police Officer
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) N/A
Status Deceased

"Hey! let me in! let me in dammit!"
―Jason Simmons to another officer
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Jason Simmons was a police officer in Racoon City at the time of the T-Virus outbreak. Simmons was by, nature, a sensitive person. He applied for a job as an officer because he wanted a job which paid well, and there was little crime in Racoon City anyway, apart from the cannibal murders that had recently been occuring in the Arklay Mountains. When the city turned into hell on earth, Jason was at the police HeadQuarters, writing out paperwork. Although he was a police officer, Jason didn't feel prepared to die from the zombie creatures. Jason proposed to escape the building, and anyone else who wanted to join him was welcome. A few officers and some civilians joined him. They made it to a room near the exit to the car-park when they sat down to plan out how they would escape. Jason sent one of the officers out to scout around for other survivors, or any zombies too close to their area. The officer returned with another group of survivors, who were being led by Gareth Knight. Jason invited Gareth to join his group, but Gareth refused, saying that he had to find his fiancee, Mary Gravling. When Gareth left, one of his group members, Elizabeth Heckleton, remained behind with Jason's group. After Gareth left, Jason continued to plan the escape. With the plan formulated, Jason and his group prepared to exit. All of the group managed to find their cars, except for Jason. Unable to find his car, Jason pleaded with the other drivers to let him in. As one of them pulled over, both Jason and the driver were attacked by zombies. Jason was killed, but the driver managed to escape, saving himself and his other passenger, Elizabeth. As he drove away, the zombies feasted on Jason's corpse. Jason was later re-animated as a zombie. When Gareth Knight came back to the carpark to escape the building, he ran over Jason's zombiefied body, although did not kill him. When Jason got back up, he was one of the zombies who broke into the HeadQuarters through the side door. He was finally put to rest when Jill Valentine shot him in the head.

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