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Jasmine "Jazz" Rose Soprano
Jasmine Soprano.png
Date of birth: September 23,2015
Species: Human (T-Virus Alpha Enhanced)
Age: 22
Blood type: A-
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 10
Mass: 120 lb
Race/Ethnicity: Catholic
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/Italian-American
Family: Paulie Soprano (Grandfather)
Michael Franklin Miller (Father-In-Law)
Jane Valentine (Mother-In-Law)
Chris Soprano (Father,Desceased)
Madeline Soprano (Mother,Desceased)
Occupation: Stripper/Informant for Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus
Relationship: Married
Spouse(s): Dean Miller
Children: Jaqueline Miller (Born 2038)

Deacon Miller (Born 2038)

Status: Alive

"I am what you call a lean, mean, fucking machine"


Jasmine Soprano was born to former Mafia members Chris and Madeline Soprano who died in a plane crash when she was 4 years old. She was raised by her grandfather Paulie Soprano who taught her the family buisness and was garrunteed a good education. By 22, she met her boyfriend and future husband Dean Miller, the son of Michael Franklin Miller and Jane Valentine.


By 2037, Dean and Jasmine were working as informants in Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus' Mafia Force and she became the crown jewel stripper there in order to seduce men suspected of being in alliance with Oswell E. Spencer. Both Jasmine and Dean work and run the club known as "Miller's Lights" as a cover for their work.

Powers and Abilities[]

When Dean bit her, he enhanced Jasmine with T-Virus Alpha so that way she has the same powers as he does such as speed, strength, healing, etc.


Jasmine can be seductive when it comes to work or pleasure and has been known to enjoy it as well. She is also a nice person to be around as well and knows when to get the job done. She can also be very serious when it comes to work as well.


Jasmine and Dean share some of the same hobbies such as money, music and even getting physical with him. She also enjoys classic music and mostly enjoys Metallica and AC/DC. Jasmine also likes cars and owns several and even practicing combat.

Weapons of Choice[]

When things get tough, Jasmine is armed with her powers and weapons which she uses to her advantage. She is a very good shot with pistols and assault rifles.