Jacob Sans
Date of Birth November 26th, 1974
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height N/A
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Former U.B.C.S. Agent, DarkRain Commander
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) N/A
Status Alive

"There's only two things you need to survive:- A gun... and accuracy"
―Jacob Sans
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Jacob Sans is an agent of the DarkRain task-force, an elite fighting unit under the exclusive command of Umbrella Corporation scientist Roderick Lazarus. Sans is one of the four lieutenants of the unit, this means that Sans works closley with Lazarus regarding security and combat scenarios.

Sans had been working for Umbrella for over a two years before Lazarus joined. Sans was originally assigned to security for the ageing James Marcus, when an incident with one of his colleagues ended with Sans killing the colleague. Sans was demoted and reassigned to Lazarus, a new scientist who was stationed in the factory facility in Racoon City. Lazarus admirered Sans' dedication to his job, and recognised how useful he could be if he had him as an ally. Lazarus promoted Sans to Head Of Security. After successfully warding off any potential meddlers, Lazarus offered him a position in his elite fighting unit, DarkRain. Sans accepted, and he was soon called off to his first mission. The T-Virus had broken out in Racoon City, and Sans was ordered to clean up the factory facility. Sans did his job thoroughly, until his departure, where instead of a helicopter, he found a man, Gareth Knight. Sans, infuriated by being humilated by one man evacuating non-essential survivors, sought to gain something out of his situation, either something of value, or just revenge. Sans' experiments on Knight revealed that Knight had an immunity to the T-Virus. Realising the importance of this discovery, Sans took samples of Knignht's blood to bring to Lazarus. Sans left Knight to die, as his helicopter arrived and left. When Knight awoke, and saw the helicopter depart, Sans waved after him.

When Sans returned, he was promoted to become one of the commanders of DarkRain, meaning Sans would only take orders from Lazarus himself.

In GamesEdit

"I owe you one... but only one"
―Jacob Sans to David Chambers.

Sans makes his first game appearance in the collaborativly created fanon game Resident Evil: Fall of Lazarus, where his a recuring character in David Chambers' and Mary Gravling's scenarios.

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