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Isle Alexandria Research Facility
General information

Ozwell E. Spencer

Alex Wesker


Alex Wesker

Notable members

Alex Wesker

Austin Gregory

Miles Dubois

Albert Fisch




South Seas

Historical information












Other information

Umbrella Corporation

United States Government

Multiple governments around the world

Isle Alexandria is a fictional top secret island facility located somewhere in the South Seas, designed for research and the development of new B.O.W.'s. The complex is controlled by former Umbrella Executive Alex Wesker under the direction of Umbrella.

The island itself houses many facilities such as training, research, sewers, etc. It also features a large ship dock that houses various water vessels. There are various rooms, housing areas located underground for employees and staff members.

The underground island itself is connected to many smaller ones surrounding it with tram cars that travel almost several hundred feet below the ocean. It is one of the largest of Umbrella's secret facilities every created.

History Edit

The facility was established sometime in the early 1940's by Spencer, but abandoned for unknown causes. Upon Alex's request, the facility was reopened in the late 1960's for him to develop his experimental virus. Not heavily involved with Spencer, despite the founder's requests, Alex used his time to research on his experimental virus while still keeping tabs on Spencer.

As time went on, Alex eventually enlisted several thousand individuals to work for him at his island facility. Much of this seemed to go by to Spencer, who was actually pleased with this. Most of the enlisted individuals were military of various country and descent. Little did Spencer know that Alex was planning on using these men for his own specific gains. During the time of the t-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Spencer ordered that Alex hide everything he had about his research as the government may attempt to persecute ALL those of every facility known. Little did Spencer know that Alex had already gotten to some of the head dogs of the governments from around the world with promises of immortality.

A few claims went by that Isle Alexandria was experimenting on humans, but the claims went on without any form of checking up. Most sea-bound ships and fisherman were taken to the facility to be experimented on. In time, boats and ships stopped passing through the facility's waters.

Layout Edit

This facility is muti-use. There are living quarters for the people who stayed and worked there. A library in the main facility, torture rooms, jail cells, art rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, dining rooms, observation rooms like planetariums. There is also a church located behind the main facility. The entire island facility can house over 1000 people.

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Great Aquarium


Security Checkpoint

Isle (1)




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