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Christian Ride
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth October, 14, 1989
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Soldier for the SoD, CIA worker
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Brother, Father
Status Living

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Before Emerald City IncidentEdit

Ian lived like a normal kid. But, around the age of 18, he was in need of some cash, and what better way than to be in the Security Force for Tri-Cell.

Emerald City IncidentEdit

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Working for the CIAEdit

After the Emerald City Incident, Ian decided he needed a job, a job so that he could help people, and CIA was perfect for him. After looking at their website, he noticed that joining the SPS would allow him to do what he needed, and so as soon as he hit the age of 21, he made an appointment, and a few days later, he was accepted into the CIA SPS. For ten months he trained, and on the eleventh month, he was ready for action.

Sons of DaylightEdit

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"RINRIN MOTHERFUCKER!" -When Ian is running through the street with chainsaw.

Ian is a master with knives.

Stihl Chainsaw: His main weapon in his run through the streets.

Knives: Various knives, combat knives, folding knives, kitchen knives, ALL KNIVES.

M16A3: Standard assault rifle along with the M4. Found outside the Hospital. Chambered with the 5.56 NATO.

Glock 18: Ian's handgun for the SPS. Has a 31 round magazine, is chambered with the 9mm Luger/Parabellum round.

FN P90: The Fabrique National P90, bullpup assault rifle. Chambered with the 4.8 (correct?) round.


Ian is quite a serious person after he joins The 3 Prongs. He enjoys jokes, but he does not go on with them, trying to improve them and what not. He is suprisingly calm, even in the most dire of situations, but sometimes he may slip up, and act rash or stupid. He isn't as interested in dating as his friend's can be, but he still has his eyes out looking for them. He'll do almost anything to complete his mission, unless he believes it will jepoardize his life and all that holly jolly bull shit.


Emerald City Outbreak:


Sons of Daylight:

Street Clothes: Tight pants, often plaid polos, no hats, ever


"SUCK A FUCKING DICK." -Randomness...


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