Ian's black, leather, Diary, found by Kelsey in the Hospital's 5th floor, where she spends the night. After Ian catches her reading it, it is destroyed by the girl in fire.


9/15/09 Got my orders today... What kind of bullshit is this? Since "Mr. B." took over there's been nothing but these obscene missions I've been getting. Keep this person alive, collect data on this person, I'm a part of Sky Blue Prong, I should be out killing people, I'm a trained assassian for christs sake! Oh well, keeping watch on Albert shouldn't be that bad, as long as I can keep him in this stupid town for a few more months...

  • -This page is partially torn on the right corner.

10/23/09 Even more bullshit!! I have to go with these guys on vacation... It wouldn't be so bad if I was able to do some real work out there, but meh... Maybe I'll get to see her and him on some action >:D

10/30/09 MAtt had an accident... Wish it was a different kind of accident, something that wouldn't completely FUCK UP MY PLANS! He always does this... I hate him so much! But, my orders changed. Keep the kid alive, if he dies, inject him with this syringe labeled TR-5357... Not sure what it does, but hey, worth a shot eh?

  • -The rest of the notebook is blank.
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