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The Hyper-evolution virus, or HEV, is a retrovirus produced from Dom Lee's body.


Born in 1987, Dom was among the last of the children to be conscripted into Project W. Oswell E. Spencer assigned Eric Lee and Charles Burr, under the supervision of Craig Silverman, to observe Dom after the child was injected with the prototype virus. Like most of the other Wesker children, Dom's body responded negatively to the virus. However, instead of outright dying, he fell into comatose. Spencer and Silverman marked Dom for termination, and granted Lee the responsibility to dispose of the child. Feeling guilty, Lee was incredibly hesitant, and delayed his order for days. During this time, he discovered a new virus that was produced inside Dom's body. After conducting a few tests on a microscopic level, he discovered that the virus exchanges genetic material with other viruses, keeping enhancing traits while eliminating degrading ones. Due to its properties, Lee named the virus, the Hyper-evolution virus.


Effects of Infection

When HEV enters the host, it exchanges genetic material with any virus by the process of antigenic shift.

Incompatible host

If the host's DNA is incompatible, HEV will reject the host and he/she undergoes mutations that include spike protrusions and tentacles on the body. Once mutated, the host becomes a mindless creature that attacks anything it sees. A host mutated in this fashion is called a Draugr. A Draugr can be controlled with the use of a Plaga parasite.

Compatible host

If the host is compatible, the virus will have no effect on the host until it comes in contact with anything branched from the progenitor virus. When the HEV-infected host becomes infected with another virus, HEV designates the host's cells as "mutation cells" and "correction cells." The mutation cells, as implied, mutate as the other virus would cause the host to, while the correction cells hunt down and eliminate degrading mutations.

When infected with the t-Virus, the host is granted a noticeable increase in strength, speed, reflexes, physical durability, and recovery, while maintaining the host's sentience and general physical appearance. The "HE+T" virus combination gives the host's aminos the ability to combine dead cell matter with proteins to synthesize new cells, halting or considerably slowing the aging process of the compatible host if/when he/she is an adult or reaches adulthood.

Notable Hosts

  • Dom Lee – Natural producer of HEV
  • Charles Burr – Infected by HEV, DNA incompatible, mutated into a Draugr and then into a larger, centaur-like creature
  • Doll-Face – Infected by HEV, DNA semi-compatible, minor mutations underwent such as minor spike protrusions