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Hunter G II
Huntert Art

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"These things just keep on getting uglier..."

-Beth, when she sees the Hunter GII.

The Hunter GII type is a variation of the first Hunter G type.

This Hunter, however is vastly different as it does not perform hide and attack maneuvers in the way that the first Hunter G type will. Instead, this model prefers to attack its prey head on and will not fall by the effects of simple gunfire alone. As it charges in a blind fury, it will not stop until it contacts it victims. This Hunter's hide is much more durable and its speed is annoyingly immeasurable. They have absolutely no problem jumping far distances, which means it can be hard to prevent an attack unless you take them out immediately. They are also more brown in color, a change to the normal Hunter models.

The Hunter appears a few times in the city and on Isle Alexandria. Their screams are slightly deeper from the first Hunter G type and they lunge out quickly. Taking them out is essential to avoiding losing life. Though they were significantly quicker than the Alpha model and had an improved nervous system that helped them to evade bullets, they lacked fighting prowess the way that the first model had. With their uncontrollable speed, they can stumble if they miss their target.

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