Hiroko Shibata[Born on 5/8/1960 Died 8/20/09] is a member of the Umbrella Corp, she serves as the main antagonist in Resident Evil 8:Zombie Domination. She was responsible for infecting Alex Domatori with The R-Virus causing him to become a mindless zombie loyal to her.Her two bodyguards Makoto Akuji and Dora Suzuki almost killed Sheva Alomar but Nicholai Ginovaef saved them.Next she appears at her mansion holding an auction for the R-Virus.Fredric Downing bought it for $660,000,000 however Sheva Alomar broke it up killing Alex Domatori.Hiroko was angered and had her bodyguards hunt Sheva down.Sheva lured them to a back alley where she stabbed them in the throat with a pen killing them both.Angered Hiroko decided to hunt Sheva and Nicholai down thus cornering them in the Rakiti island Subway station she almost killed them but died when the train ran her over leaving her a red smear across the subway station ,Nicholai and Sheva Moved just in the nick of time

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