Henry Luponili
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:1999
Race/Ethnicity:African America
Occupation:Umbrella Secret Service (U.S.S.)
Appearances:Operation: Underlight
Voice:Dwayne Johnson

Henry Luponili is a member of The Pride, codenamed "Lucci". He is the commanding officer, as well as highest rank in the group. He was originally a bounty hunter in an unknown southern location (Just known as "The South"), and managed to catch numerous criminals before he was charged on accounts of impersonating an officer.

Luponili participated in the Redwood City Incident as his fifth and final mission, stating that he was getting tired of Umbrella's rules and the work in general. He dies when the remaining three reach the hospital and he is attacked by The Tyrant.



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Henry is a gentleman, often showing respect to where it is needed. He respects Umbrella and has managed to get a good standing with them. He also has a good standing with his team, despite the jokes about him respecting Umbrella.


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Henry shows great respect toward Umbrella employees, and is often joked with about this with Meryl, Boleslav, and Eddie. He seems very glad to be an operative of Umbrella, often following their orders to the note. Lately, however, he seems to think that the job is getting too hard and has been thinking of quitting.

Still showing great respect, especially towards "The Operator", he managed to get promoted to a high standing and become the leader of The Pride. He has rarely had a loss on his missions unless he doesn't fully understand.


Henry shows no signs of caring towards the zombie, killing anything that gets near him in many ways from machine gun to machete. He sees them as not human anymore and goes to kill them without mercy, though he seems to feel guilty when he kills the children zombies, even stating that some "look like (my) sonny-boy". Other than that, he is merciless.


  • Luponili is both Cajun and Italian, but mostly Italian.
  • Commonly, Bounty Hunters are associated with the police department, though vigilantes are similar except they can be arrested for impersonating a police officer.
  • It is never stated what his codename, "Lucci", means or how he got it.

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