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Henery Thomas in his younger days

Henery Thomas
Date of Birth 1958
Date of Death 1998
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Race/Ethnicity Resident Evil: Raccoon City
Occupation Secruity Guard
Marital status Married to Martha Thomas
Relative(s) Jacob Thomas

Julie Thomas

Status Dead

Henery Thomas was a secruity guard for Umbrella Corp. He was the father of Jacob Thomas, a cop. Thomas was charged with protecting a vial containing the T-Virus when the disease was released into the sewer system. Thomas betrayed Umbrella and locked his family in the house. He would then give the vial to his son and sacrifice his own life to save his family.


Early LifeEdit

Before joining Umbrella, Henery was a cop back when he was 18. He was very successful rising to the rank of captain. When he was 23, Thomas married Martha Hickson. Together they had two children: Jacob and Julie. Then when he was 30, Thomas left the Police Force to work for Umbrella as a guard.


Resident Evil: Raccoon City

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