The Holex (Mutated Form)


Dave King aka "The Helox"

The Helox is a creature created from the fusion of the Sentry and Red Dragon virus. It resembles a human figure but can run, jump and crawl on ceilings and walls and has two boney clawed hands. Its origins were kept secret by Umbrella co-worker Matthew Salazar and he was determined to study this creature. After the Helox experiment failed, the Helox broke free and viciously killed Matthew, umbrella cleaners were alerted and began hunting down the monster. The Helox has been seen killing anything from B.O.Ws to humans to animals. It kills its prey with its vicious claws and has been seen killing stronger enemies by stamping on their neck. It was captured and killed in 2006 when Night-air killed it in an intense shoot-out near Racoon city. The Helox was one of Umbrella's randomly created B.O.Ws, however it was this experiment that lead umbrella to create the Licker. The Helox was known to mutate its back into a shell of spikes and impale its prey to capture them and impreganate eggs into the spine of the prey. The eggs would then hatch and swarm out of the hosts body killing them easily. The only known Helox was sighted near Racoon city's docks.

It was later discovered that the Helox's real name in human form was Dave King an anti-Umbrella activist