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Helen Jessica Token
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1980
Gender Female
Height 6.1
Race/Ethnicity American
Occupation Student
Marital status Not Married
Relative(s) Mother,Brother and Aunt
Status Dead


This charatcer was made up by Andrew Hay and is not in the real Resident Evil.

Life Edit

Helen was born in Racoon Hospital and was raised by her brother as her mother was a drunk.Her aunt managed to raise her collage money for her to go to university.When she went there she was bulled and locked herself in a bathroom to cry.This saved her life as the zombies managed to get in the university.She escaped using a airduct and managed to get in her classroom.She escape the university and was atacked by a Licker.She hid in the sewers and got out when she heard Jill Valentine talking.She escaped to her house and saw her undead mother.

Death Edit

Shocked from seeing her brother like this she fell down and the zombie walked up to her to eat her.She managed to escape and was bitten by her mother.She locked herself in a closet and turned into a zombie.Five hours later the city blew up.

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